The Department of Radiology & Imaging offers a wide range of services in our Imaging Suite. Our digital technology allows for images taken in the Imaging Suite to be transmitted via computer to specialists throughout the world for medical consultation. Our Suite is equipped with sophisticated imaging technology that is often found in some of the most respected international settings, including:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and multi-functional Siemens X-ray machines. Our X-ray performs simple to complex imaging and has superior capability allowing our team of technicians and medical experts to conduct brain imaging, tumor resolution consultations and more. In addition, our Imaging Suite also includes a Color Doppler Ultrasound machine and Computed Tomography (CT) equipment, as well as mammogram machines. The following prices are our list prices and do not reflect any discounts that may be available, such as UFH membership discounts or promotional discounts. While visiting SHU you will be assessed by one of our physicians in order to provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment options to you.


Please note: This pricing information is for patient reference only and represents a range of average fees. UFH prices are subject to change. Procedure price refers to the procedure itself, and does not necessarily reflect the price of the entire treatment plan. The final price of your visit will be based on the services provided to treat your individual needs.